Our Story

Inspired Time is a Business & Home Ownership Services Company 

We were founded on the principle of connection. Connection to Self, Family, Loved Ones and Community.

In todayís world we are all in a constant state of GO not leaving us time to enjoy the things that matter most. Often missing out on being able to truly connect. At Inspired Time, we value your time, as much as you do, and believe that it should be spent connecting with what is most important to you.

Whether it is a personal or a professional task, by simply placing one call to us, you can have those small and big tasks taken off of your To-Do list. We offer solutions that will make an immediate difference in your life ultimately allowing you to free your time to connect with what matters most.

Our Vision & Mission

We believe every individual should have the TIME to connect to what is most important to them. Our mission is to provide solutions that will allow individuals to gain TIME back into their lives.

Our Beliefs

We believe that treating everyone, including ourselves, with RESPECT is fundamental to how we do business. We believe that every customer is treated better than how we would want to be treated. We believe in treating each other like family and we believe in treating ourselves to a balanced life that allows for mental and physical wellness.

Our goals in Business are similar to in Life. Live each day to the fullest, perform exceptional work and offer the best service possible, always pay attention to the details, be honest in every interaction, act from the highest level of integrity, have a positive impact on your community, pay it forward and never stop learning.

We are also big believers in Business 2.0. We Believe in looking beyond the profit driven business model to one that is of social, environmental and economic benefit. We donít spend more than we earn but we do believe in contributing a portion of our profits back to our community. We do not waste money on things that donít matter but we will always, when available, source the most environmental and ethical option, even if it means paying a fraction more. We are in business to stay in business and we believe that it is only made possible by focusing on Our Community and Our Planet.

Our Bio

Hi, it is so great to meet you. My name is Daniela Bolkart.

I grew up on Georgian Bay and worked in a family run business in the cottage industry which formed the foundation of a strong work ethic and a family focused culture. It was this strong work ethic that lead to a satisfying career in the Financial-Tech start up world of Downtown Toronto and Silicon Valley, California. It wasnít long though until the pull of Georgian Bay was calling again and after 5 years spent in the hustle and bustle of city life it was time for that Bay life to be restored. It is a combined 20+years in the customer service and project management industries that has led to the creation of Inspired Time. Understanding the needs of busy individuals and the desire to live a balanced life the solutions offered are ones that come from experience, desire and the heart.