Prioritize Your Intentions

Each day holds 24 hours and each week is made up of 7 days.

Think of all of the possibility that each week holds.  We get to choose how we live each moment.  So even if our current work situation or relationship isnít ideal we can choose how to fill the remainder of our days.  By choosing things that fill us up.  That focus on our true happiness.

My routine usually has me setting my intentions for the week on Sunday evening when I am journaling before bed.  Then on Monday morning I write out my schedule for the entire week, including Saturday and Sunday.  I write out everything! I start with what fills me up; Journaling, meditation, workouts, meals, sleep, reading and self-improvement.  Next, I block off time for errands, family and household. Finally, I block off time for work.

When we have a view of our day and prioritize our intentions for that day we can make the most out of each 24 hours.  Always making sure that we keep ourselves front and center. Priority #1.  If we donít look after ourselves then our ability to serve others diminishes.

Also, by writing out our schedule, it has the same effect then when we write out our goals.  It becomes tangible, visible and it is a powerful reinforcing method.

Now I can hear you commenting that you donít have time to schedule or any room to do anything.  Do you watch TV or have any screen time that could be redirected to other things?  We each have the same 24 hours every day. 8 hours for sleep and 8 hours for workÖ That leaves 8 hours. How are you filling in those extra hours? Commuting, possibly yes, another 1-2 hours. That still leaves 6 hours.  Why not take the time to work backwards and find those pockets of time for you?

My next step after I have everything written out is to add my appointments to my electronic calendar. As well as setting 2 reminders to alert me ahead of time, one by 15 mins and another for the time of.

When I schedule I chunk out time for each task, I donít try to multitask.  By trying to do so we are not doing anyone, especially ourselves, any favours.  Focus on one thing at a time.

You will be surprised how much more efficient your time becomes.

Much Love,


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Service your happiness first and everything else will fill in around it. - Abraham Hicks