Time does not have to be a luxury

How different would your day look if you were actually able to take time ...

To enjoy your coffee.

To break at lunch.

To stop and listen.

To connect with loved ones.

To articulate the vision and goals you have for your life and your business.

By setting boundaries in both our personal and business lives we are better able to improve the chance of time not being a luxury but a given.

In todayís society there is constant pressure to be connected at all times.  It has been just over a decade that the iPhone/Smartphone was introduced.  There was a time when we would have extended periods where we were unreachable.  Now we canít even use a public restroom without someone talking on their phone.

We are blurring the lines between our work and personal lives. Even for entrepreneurs. Just because you own your own business, and yes of course, the business needs you. But we are allowed to unplug, turn off and disconnect for an hour, an afternoon or even a full day. We are allowed to let our employees and customers know that on Sundayís we will not be reachable because we will be with our loved ones.

Imagine what a radical thought it would be to set an example to your immediate circle that you and your family are a priority. They may even take your example and do the same thing. Building on our personal lives and filling ourselves up with connection and love allows us to be better humans. To better function not only within our personal lives but our business lives also. Being able to better focus on what your businesses goals are and properly articulating them to your team. Who in return are feeling more confident and are able to respect you more because you are not growling at them constantly for not doing their jobs properly. They were having to assume what you wanted because you used to just yell at them because you were too busy, to overwhelmed. Too stressed to deal with things with a level-head.

Creating healthy boundaries in our personal and business lives is really just self-respect. When we treat ourselves better, others will treat us better. But also, they will treat themselves better by your example.

Much Love,