Balancing Life

A friend commented to me recently that when he gets to my age he wants to live life

at a slower pace similar to me.

I didnít take it personally because I understood where he was coming from.

It was a place that I remembered well.

Chasing goals for success from a materialistic perspective instead of from a place of passion and purpose.

This comment could have come from someone in their 60ís or 70ís just as easily as in their 20ís.

Because when we prioritize material possessions opposed to passion and fulfilment our goals become misaligned.

At 39 I now prioritize my days around what makes me happy and fulfils me.

For years busy was a badge that I wore with honor.

For years I rushed through my days.

Constantly setting and chasing goals that kept me busy all day, every day.

Now, I embrace the act of slowing down

And appreciate the moments that make up each day.

Understanding that being productive is far different from being busy.

Building my days around the things that fulfill me allows me to be more efficient and resourceful

Also taking the time now to savor the wins and the accomplishments

There was a moment of realization during my corporate life that so much of what made up that world was against everything that I believed.

Chasing goals for status instead of my own values left me drained, empty and unhappy.

Building something for someone else that in a heartbeat my role in any of it meant nothing.

And went unrecognized.

This is not to say that every day is perfect. Far from it.

We each have responsibilities or careers that we cannot abandon.

But what we can do is look at the pockets of time that make up the remainder of our time away from what is draining us.

And fill those pockets with things that make us happy. That fill us up and fulfil us.

By stepping away from the perspective of success being defined by money, or title or material possessions we are able to prioritize our lives and days differently.

Often also having a positive impact on those closest to us, our colleagues or our employees.

When we let go of the lie that we will live beyond today and stop taking tomorrow for granted we can realign ourselves with what actually matters. Time.

Time matters. The time that we take for ourselves. The time that we take for others.

To understand that each breath is a gift and to grasp just how precious each day is.

To live our lives as if each and every word, thought, relationship, and experience matters. Because it truly does.

Only then will we see that our choices are reflected within every moment of every day forming the foundation of our lives.

My suggestion to you is to begin laying your days out on paper. Look at where your time is going. Can any of it be redirected to more passion filled activities?

Begin by setting some bigger goals and expectations for your life focused on your passions. Begin shaping your days to your vision. To your passions.

Much Love.