Let's Give Back

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In ∙ spire - Derived from the Latin meaning “to breathe life into” 

We have a vision to breathe life into the way business is done.  Gone are the times of profit driven models guiding every decision that is made.  From hiring to firing to what perks, if any, are offered to the employees.  We see one another as family and that people should always come first.  Whether it is the people that we work with every day or whether it is the people that our businesses serve.  We believe that every individual has the right to be treated with respect, fairly and justly.  When we set out to build our company, Inspired Time, we felt a deep calling and had a vision that we would give back to our communities through purchases made.  Our connection and support of local communities comes from growing up in a small town in a family run business.  Our experience in the corporate world left us with huge experience and knowledge but also left us with a vision of what business 2.0 looks like in our eyes.  So that is how we bring you Inspired Give Back, the #LetsGiveBack movement.  By every purchase that is made through Inspired Time we donate hours back to our community through volunteer and pay it forward initiatives.

The Give Back Movement is focused on providing 2 ways of giving back;
  1. Giving people an opportunity to give back to help others & our communities
  2. Giving people & our communities time to help them do things that would normally be a challenge

In return we are asking for your help to let us know;
  • Who do you know that loves to volunteer and help others?
  • Who do you know that could use some help?

Interested in learning more?  Check out our site dedicated to the #LetsGiveBack Movement.

  • We believe that people always come first.  So when you provide the gift of time to someone else, we will recognize and gift you with one complimentary hour.  AND we will also donate one hour to the local community.
  • Our concierge package members will receive preferred scheduling of services. All concierge packages bought are valid for 6 months from date of purchase with regular statements provided so that you will know exactly where your time is being spent. On the ground services are billed at 1 hour minimum and quarterly thereafter. For further information please visit our Concierge Service Agreement.
  • Our virtual service packages are renewed monthly and automatically billed to your credit card of choice. Our virtual services are billed in 20-minute increments. Any hours that are not used during the month do NOT get rolled over. We will do our very best to ensure your requests are fulfilled as long as they are legal and ethical. For further information please visit our Virtual Service Agreement.