Service Agreement for Concierge Service

At Inspired Time, our Concierge Services team will do their absolute best to fulfill your requests for any number of errands or on the ground services provided they are legal and ethical. Examples of some of our numerous available services are: Day-to-day errands, property management, wait services, trades coordination, and more! However, Inspired Time reserves the right to decline any work. Inspired Time, its staff and operators, will not be held accountable, liable, or financially responsible for any inaccurate information provided.

Business Hours:

Monday – Friday

9:00am – 5:00pm EST

Inspired Time is capable of receiving your requests 24/7/365, however, emails, calls and requests will only be answered during our business hours. Requests received outside of business hours will be reviewed and responded to by the Inspired Time team on the next business day.

Inspired Time respects the work-life balance of our employees and, therefore, you can reach them during business hours only. Services requested outside of our normal business hours may be accepted and charged according to the amounts set out below.

Membership Packages

All of Inspired Time’s Concierge packages are required to be prepaid. Your membership package will be activated from the date of purchase and will be valid for 6 months. Our hourly fee only reflects services rendered. Any additional charges required to complete your request (such as the cost of supplies/materials or misc. items, etc.) will be billed directly to you and discussed before the requested work begins. Additional charges are required to be paid upfront prior to work beginning. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, cash and eTransfers. Members who purchase packages will receive priority scheduling over members with A La Carte requests.

Inspired Time’s Concierge packages are as follows:

Getting There @ 10hrs for $550 ($55/hr.);

Balanced @ 25 hours for $1375 ($55/hr.); and

Freedom @ 50 hours for $2499 ($50/hr.))

A La Carte @ $65/hr.

*All prices are subject to applicable tax

Please note that package prices or the number of hours per package may change at any time, however, you will be notified in advance of this happening.

When you sign up for a package your credit card will be charged unless cash payment is specifically requested. Please note that unused package hours will expire after 6 months from date of purchase. Unused package hours will NOT be refunded.

Clients submitting A La Carte requests will receive an invoice with an estimate of the time required to complete the specified tasks. A La Carte invoices are required to be paid up front, before work begins.

Scope of Requests

Requests must be made via email. To ensure there is no miscommunication, all requests must be sent through separately. Requests should be clearly articulated with as much detail as possible including a requested completion date. To ensure efficiency and clear communication when you have multiple requests, please ensure each request is sent through separately.

Each service request is billed at a minimum of 1 hour, billing in 15-minute increments after the first hour.

Some requests may be deemed beyond our Concierge service line. Should you submit a request that is beyond our capabilities, we will contact you promptly. In such case we will provide you with the best possible solution and will only bill for the time spent sourcing an alternate solution.

Prior to requesting our employees make any purchases on your behalf, you will be required to review any and all refund and exchange policies with the service providers you intend for us to make purchases on your behalf.

Inspired Time will not be held accountable, liable or responsible in any way for purchases made on your behalf that are lost during shipping, tickets arriving late, goods damaged in the mail, etc. We will make purchases on your behalf simply to save you the time of making the purchase, but in no way will we be responsible for the goods or services we are purchasing.

Special Requests

Any service request which requires a job or task to be completed within 12 hours of the request will be billed at the applicable hourly rate plus $10.

Services requested for completion outside of our normal business hours, or on weekends which we approve, will be billed at an additional $10/hr above the amounts set in the package. Any accepted work on a public holiday (such as Easter, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Day, etc.) will be billed at twice the hourly rate set by the package.

Each request made outside of our normal business hours, emergency requests, weekends or pubic holidays will be reviewed and accepted on a job-by-job basis.


We understand that there may come a time when you may need to cancel a service request. If this need occurs, please call us and speak with a live employee during business hours at least 24 hours in advance of time of service. Any cancellation that is received with less than 24 hours notice will be billed for 1 hour @ $65/hr.


All packages are prepaid and valid for 6 months from time of purchase. There will be no refunds for packages purchased or services that are rendered. Credits will only be refunded if there was an error committed on our behalf. In that case, please contact our customer service at

There will be no refunds for purchases made on your behalf. Should you ask a member of our team to make a purchase on your behalf, we will not be held accountable should the product or service you’re purchasing not meet the expectations you had in mind.

Our Agreement

We recognize that you have many businesses to choose from and we truly appreciate your decision to choose Inspired Time to assist you in balancing your lifestyle and connecting with what matters most to you. We commit to providing you the highest quality of customer service. Should you ever experience anything less than this please contact us immediately. By agreeing to our terms, you promise to be reasonable and considerate of our business, services and our staff. By agreeing to our terms, you also consent to receive email communications from Inspired Time regarding our services, promotions, and reminders. Inspired Time promises to only send communications that pertain to our services. You will be able to opt out of email communications at any time, however, your consent will be valid for one-year from the time you engage our services.

Limitation of Liability

By accepting this Service Agreement, you acknowledge and agree that the liability of Inspired Time, its employees and its agents is limited to the amount of the fee paid by you for the services rendered and you hereby waive and release Inspired Time, its employees and agents from any and all liability in excess of such fee. Any legal action arising from this Service Agreement must be commenced within three (3) months from the date of the incident that is the subject of the claim. You acknowledge that failure to bring such an action within this time period shall be a complete bar to any such action and a full and complete waiver of any rights or claims based thereon.