Concierge Pricing

Now letís take another moment to ask: What is my time worth? How much or how little do I feel comfortable delegating? How much time would I like to have back in my day/week/month to connect with what matters most? We know the answers to these questions are different for each of us, which is why, we have provided you with options. You can choose to purchase a package which provides you the flexibility to know you have time reserved with us as well as priority scheduling. We also understand If you would like to try our services before committing to a package which is why we also offer an a la carte hourly rate of $65/hour with a 1 hour minimum.

10 Hours
$550 ($55/hour)
25 hours
$1375 ($55/hour)
50 hours
$2499 (50/hour)
A La Carte
A La Carte
$65 hour
1 hour minimum

Package Examples of how you can delegate tasks to take back your TIME

  • The Family: Weekly errands such as laundry, dry cleaning, plant care and groceries. As well as your day-to-day errands.
  • The Traveler: Checking in on your home, plant care, fresh groceries for your return
  • The Family Pet: Daily check ins, walks, feeding, vet and/or groomer visits
  • Relocation: Source movers, obtain estimates and schedule a mover, packing and unpacking/organizing and labeling, arranging donations and recycling, oversee the move.
  • The Home: Project management, trades coordination, wait services,
  • The Property Watch: Ensure your recreational or rental properties are cared for. Whether you just need someone to drive by, stop in regularly and send detailed pictures or co-ordinate with tradespeople on your behalf we will work with you to ensure your investments are looked after.
  • Custom: Customize how your hours are used from our wide selection of services. If you donít see what you need, ask us. We will try to accommodate anything that is legal and ethical.

Our package members will receive preferred scheduling of services. All packages bought are valid for 6 months from date of purchase with regular statements provided so that you will know exactly where your time is being spent. On the ground services are billed at 1 hour minimum and quarterly thereafter. For further information please visit our Concierge Service Agreement.

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